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  1. Law no. 297/2004
    • regulates the establishment and operation of: markets in financial instruments and their specific activities and operations, intermediaries, undertakings for collective investment and issuers of securities. (Details)
  2. Regulation no. 15/2004
    • sets the rules for the implementation of Law no. 297/2004 on the authorization and operation of asset management companies, undertakings for collective investment and depositories. (Details)
  3. Regulation no. 9/2014
    • ammends Regulation 15/2004 with regard to the authorization and operation of the asset management companies and open-end funds (UCITS). (Details)
  4. International sanctions
    • Regulation on compliance with the rules on the enforcement of international sanctions on the capital market. (Details)
  5. Prevention and control of money laundering and terrorism financing
    • National Office for Prevention and Control of Money Laundering. (Details)
    • MONEYVAL Committee. (Details)
    • Financial Action Task Force (FAFT-GAFI). (Details)
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