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Fund overview

  • Fund profile
    Open-end equity fund that invests in European shares
  • Objectives
    Capital growth by means of investments on the European stock markets
  • Time horizon
    Minimum 2 years recommended, but the money can be withdrawn anytime
  • Management strategy
    The management strategy provides for active management through the capitalization of growth opportunities
  • Why we invest on the European markets
    High growth potential due to the undervaluation of some sectors and shares
    High liquidity of listed companies
    Access to companies and sectors that are not available in Romania
  • Advantages of investing in the STK Europe fund
    Access to the European stock exchanges
    Broader diversification of sectors, shares and asset classes
    Investments are constantly analyzed and monitored
    Ongoing acquisition and sale of fund units
    The fund is exempted from paying taxes on capital gains
    Transparency and disclosure through periodical reports
    Fund’s assets are kept by the BRD-GSG depositary bank
  • Risks
    Market risk: results from fluctuation in the market value of positions in the fund’s portfolio attributable to changes in market variables such as interest rates, foreign exchange rates, equity prices;
    Liquidity risk: means the risk that a position in the fund’s portfolio cannot be sold at limited cost in an adequately short time frame;
    Counterparty risk: is the risk that the counterparty, or the investment firm respectively, fails to fully fulfill its obligations at the due date or another date in the future;
    Operational risk: means the risk of loss for the fund resulting from inadequate internal processes or from external events;
    Unforeseen events: which may have a negative impact on fund’s activity and, subsequently, on investors’ returns.
  • Fund’s past performance is not a guarantee for future performance!
    Read the documents of incorporation before investing in this fund!
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